News & Events
8 April 2021
100 patients in EFFECT trial and all countries now recruiting
The team of Onkologikoa in San Sebastian, Spain, had the honor of including the 100th patient in the EFFECT trial. In addition, the first few patients have been included in Poland, which means that all countries are now recruiting.
23 March 2021
5th PREFERABLE Consortium Meeting
We just completed our 5th PREFERABLE consortium meeting. Great to work as a team with very motivated people. It is also encouraging that recruitment is going well under the current circumstances for both the EFFECT and PERSPECTIVE study.
11 March 2021
Over 80 participants recruited in the EFFECT trial
After a year of lockdowns and slow recruitment due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are very glad to announce that almost all sites are now recruiting for the EFFECT trial. In addition to recruitment in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Sweden, recruitment has now also started at an additional site in Germany (Cologne) and in Australia. And last but not least, Poland is expected to start very soon as well. To date 82 participants, of the 350 to be included, have started in the trial worldwide.

PREFERABLE consists of an international consortium of nine academic partners, one cutting edge game development and software engineering SME , one science-driven clinical trial management company and one European patient organisation (EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition, representing 47 countries throughout Europe). The partners are from seven countries in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Italy and Australia and are coordinated by the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands.